A nationally-coordinated undergraduate data analysis competition.


Friday April 21 @ 4pm - Sunday April 23 @ 5pm

ICE Center, Villanova University



How much can you get done in a weekend?  Join us for an opportunity to win prizes, meet students from local schools interested in data, present to judges from local companies (who could be your future employer), and learn more about data science and statistics than you thought possible in one weekend.   Free food will be served throughout the weekend event.


Previous years’ data include understanding what qualities people look for in prospective dates (data from eHarmony.com), improving car shopping experiences (data from Edmunds), webmining ticket sales (data from Ticketmaster), predicting loan default rates on microloans (data from Kiva), and optimizing patrol locations (data from Los Angeles Police Department).  This year’s data will take students new places.  A national leading company in their industry - an industry valued at more than $1 trillion - will share and explain their data and provide opportunity to respond to student inquiries.


Click here to register (as a group or an individual looking for other group members) by April 18th (deadline extended).

For questions, send an email to cse@villanova.edu.


Sponsored by

Center for Statistics Education, Villanova University


Tentative Schedule of Events at DataFest Philly

All events are to be held in ICE Center, located in the basement of Falvey, building #17 on Campus Map

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