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Applied Statistics Comprehensive Exams

The Applied Statistics Comprehensive Exam is a requirement for graduating with a Master's in Applied Statistics at Villanova University.  The exam consists of three sections - Statistical Methods (MAT7404/7405), Statistical Theory (MAT8400/8401), and Regression Methods and Linear Models (MAT8406/8412).  More details can be found on the Applied Statistics Website.

The following are copies of old exams that use the current format:
Year/Semester Statistical
Regression Methods
Linear Models
2012 Fall Methods Theory RM/LM
2012 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM
2011 Fall Methods Theory RM/LM
2011 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM
2010 Fall Methods Theory RM/LM
2010 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM
2009 Fall Methods Theory RM/LM
2009 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM
2008 Fall Methods Theory RM/LM
2008 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM
2007 Fall Methods Theory RM/LM
2007 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM
2006 Fall not given not given not given
2006 Spring Methods Theory RM/LM


These statistical tables (Z, t, Chi-squared, and F) will be included during the exam.


The following exams use an older format, but still might be useful:

Year/Semester Exam
2000 Fall Exam
1999 Spring Exam
1999 Fall Exam
1998 Spring Exam
1998 Fall Exam
1997 Spring Exam
1997 Fall Exam
Unknown Date Exam

If you find any errors on this page, please email me at michael.posner at villanova dot edu.  If you have questions about the program, please contact the director of the graduate program (or see Applied Statistics Website).