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Below are presentations that include handouts or slides that are available.  For a full list of presentations, please see my CV.  If you use these in full or in part, please provide appropriate credit and reference.

Here is the Fun with Stats and Graphs presentation that I show at the beginning of many workshops.


Teaching Introductory Statistics in a Data-driven WorldProject NExT workshop at MathFest 2019, Cinncinnati, OH.  Feedback.

Tom Short's Contributions to Statistics Education: Local Activities and Mentoring.  Joint Statistics Meetings Panel.  Denver, 2019.

Building Bridges for Data Science Education.  Joint Statistics Meetings Panel.  Denver, 2019.

Three Applet Resources No Statistics Instructor Should Be Without.  Informal Department Lunchtime Gathering (InDLG).  April 2, 2019

Building Bridges for Data Science Education.  Birds of a Feather session at SIGCSE 2019 (ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education).  Minneapolis, MN.  Feb 28, 2019.


AMATYC 2018 Annual Conference.
     Growing Data Science Programs - The Need to Collaborate.  Posner, Kozak, Gould.
     Playing with a 1962 Penny...Sharing Half of My Two Cents.

The Data Science Craze!!!  Mathematics Colloquium at Franklin & Marshall / Millersville.  Nov 8, 2018

ICOTS 2018 - The Impact on Teacher Attitudes and Statistical Pedagogical Knowledge of a Regional Hub and Mentorship Program For Two Year Colleges in the U.S.  Presentation and Paper.

eCOTS 2018 - Incorporating Data Science with a Fixed Curriculum

SIGCSE 2018 - Poster - 1 Grant + 2 Institutions + 3 Courses = Data Science 4 All


Go To The People: Impactful Faculty Training in Data Science.  Envisioning the Data Science Discipline: The Undergraduate Perspective.  Webinar Series.  Sept 26, 2017.  The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Design, Implementation, and Impact of Different Approaches to Professional Development for Teachers of Statistics.  Invited Panel Presenter.  Joint Statistical Meetings 2017.  Baltimore, MD.

AMATYC - Classroom-Ready Activities for Conceptual Understanding in Statistics.  43rd Annual AMATYC Annual Conference.  San Diego, CA.

Test Your Knowledge About the Two-Year Colleges.  Monica Dabos and Michael Posner.  USCOTS 2017.  Pennsylvania State University, PA.

Design, Implementation, and Impact of Different Approaches to Professional Development for Teachers of Statistics.  Joint Statistical Meetings 2017.



How Far He'll Go - winner of the 2017 A-mu-sing video competition (audio file only)



AMATYC - Intro Stats Activities based on new GAISE report

Collaborative Mathematics Education Group Talk on Attitude Research


Feedback for day two of Project NExT Intro Stat Workshop at MathFest 2016

Should we prepare students for our tests or for the workforce?: Evaluating long-term retention.  Joint Statistical Meetings 2016 and MathFest 2016..

Causal Inference Using Propensity Scores.  Data Insights Cambridge.

Data Science for All: An Introductory Course for Non-Majors, in Flipped Format.  SIGCSE 2016.

 Does Standards-based Grading Work?  ELPEC Talk, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Statistician: The Hottest Career of the 21st Century.  Talks given at University of Plymouth International Centre for Statistics Education (UK) and Hills Road Sixth Form School (UK).


Statistics Education Research: It Takes a Village.  Plenary talk at US Conference on Teaching Statistics. 

Welcome to the Village: Developing a Personal Stat Ed Research Agenda.  US Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2015.

A Flipped Classroom approach to Introductory Data Science.  US Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2015.

Are Pie Charts Really So Bad?  An Experiment in Data Visualization.  Joint Statistical Meetings, 2015.

Academic Speed‑Dating: Walk Away With Eight Immediately Applicable Ways to Invigorate Your Teaching.  VITAL Teaching and learning Strategies, 2015.

My Three Favorite Activities for Statistics Class and handouts.  PSMATYC Talk.

Statistics Education in the Era of Big Data/Data Science and Local/Regional/National Statistics Opportunities.  PASTA Talk.


Barriers, Successes, and the Future of PARLO. PARLO Summer Conference, 2014.

A Fallacy in Student Attitude Research: The Impact of the First Class.  International Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2014 and Joint Statistical Meetings, 2012

 Igniting Evidence-based Instructional Change…One Classroom-based Evaluation at a Time.  VITAL Workshop, 2013 and VITAL Teaching and Learning Strategies, 2014.

Flipped Class: The Challenges and Benefits of Changing the Classroom Dynamic to be Consistent with Cognitive Learning Theories and Focus on Student-Centered Learning.  Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2014.



Stats Can Be Cool Video.  Winner, 2013 A-mu-sing statistics video competition.

Igniting Evidence-based Instructional Change...One Classroom-based Evaluation at a Time.  VITAL Faculty Associate Presentation.  Dec, 2013.

Flipped Classroom.  US Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2013.

Flipped Classroom.  VITAL Teaching and Learning Strategies, 2013.

Flipped Classroom.  Villanova Tech Expo, 2013.  Here is the video.

Statistics Education in the Modern Era.  Jefferson University and Hospitals, Invited Colloquium, 2013.

A Hybrid Assessment of Online Assessment and Graded Homework: The Challenges and Impacts of Student Engagement and Learning.  Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2013.

Engaging Students Through a Proficiency-based Assessment and Reassessment of Learning Outcomes (PARLO) System.  Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2013.


Did My New Teaching Strategy Work?  Ideas for Doing Classroom-based Research.  Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning Food for Thought Lunch Discussion, December 2012.  Some thoughts on doing classroom-based research, Using Statistics Effectively in Education Research Report from American Statistical Association, and the Depth vs. Breadth article (discussed the second day).

Practicing What We Preach: Evidence-based Evaluation of your Pedagogical InnovationsAlder Award Winners Presentations Mathfest, 2012.

A Fallacy in Student Attitude Research: The Impact of the First Class.  Joint Statistical Meetings, 2012.


Educational Research and Evidence-based Education...One Path in a Maze of Opportunities, Bryn Mawr College, Education 220: Changing Pedagogies in Math and Science Education.  November, 2011.

Proficiency-based Assessment and Reassessment of Learning Outcomes, NCTM, October 21, 2011.

Poll Everywhere talks at JMM 2011 and Villanova's Teaching and Learning Strategies 2011.  These talks introduces the use of poll everywhere as a personal response system in the classroom.


Making Valid Inferences in Observational Studies Using Propensity Scores.  Versions of this were given at Colloquia at Villanova University, St. Joseph University, and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.  Here is a version including my feeble attempts at statistical humor in predicting the Villanova Men's Basketball team's victory into the final four (Hey, it worked!  What more evidence do you need?)

The Magic of Statistics...Revealed.  Versions of this talk were given at Philadelphia Area Statistics Teachers' Alliance Meeting (2009) and US Conference on Teaching Statistics (2007 and 2009).  Note, the magic tricks are not revealed in this version.


Proficiency-based Assessment and Reassessment of Learning Objectives (PARLO): An Evidence-based Research Experiment.  Joint Statistical Meetings, 2008.

Proficiency-based Assessment and Reassessment of Learning Objectives: A Formative Assessment Experiment in an Introductory Statistics Classroom.  Winner of Best Poster Award, Lilly-East Conference on College and University Teaching, April 17, 2008.


When are Propensity Scores Necessary?  Joint Statistical Meetings.  August 2007.

Secondary Data Analysis.  Villanova College of Nursing.  April 27, 2007.


Increased post-AMI mortality for people with previous MI.  American Public Health Association, 2003.