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Below are presentations that include handouts or slides that are available. For a full list of presentations, please see my CV.  If you use these in full or in part, please provide appropriate credit and reference.

Here is the Fun with Stats and Graphs presentation that I show at the beginning of many workshops.


  • Reflections.  Graduate Recognition Ceremony, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Villanova University, May 12, 2021.
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  • Barriers, Successes, and the Future of PARLO. PARLO Summer Conference, 2014.
  • A Fallacy in Student Attitude Research: The Impact of the First Class. International Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2014 and Joint Statistical Meetings, 2012
  • Igniting Evidence-based Instructional Change…One Classroom-based Evaluation at a Time.VITAL Workshop, 2013 and VITAL Teaching and Learning Strategies, 2014.
  • Flipped Class: The Challenges and Benefits of Changing the Classroom Dynamic to be Consistent with Cognitive Learning Theories and Focus on Student-Centered Learning. Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2014.
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  • Making Valid Inferences in Observational Studies Using Propensity Scores.  Versions of this were given at Colloquia at Villanova University, St. Joseph University, and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.  Here is a version including my feeble attempts at statistical humor in predicting the Villanova Men's Basketball team's victory into the final four (Hey, it worked! What more evidence do you need?)
  • The Magic of Statistics...Revealed.  Versions of this talk were given at Philadelphia Area Statistics Teachers' Alliance Meeting (2009) and US Conference on Teaching Statistics (2007 and 2009).  Note, the magic tricks are not revealed in this version.
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